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I really liked this!

This was a good short. Good lip syncing. The only thing I would tell you to improve on is the sound quality and the sticks, but overall it was a good short.

Great graphics!

That had great graphics. But it was very short. And yes that is a late Halloween but it was good, with a sick twisted ending at the end.

Sophabelle responds:

Thanks man! Yeah, I know it's rather short, but I wanted to submit something! Glad you thought the graphics were good.

It was alright,

It was ok. But sprites seem to be over done. I mean you have to put a story to it in order for your "sprites" to be good. You rarely can have just a little fight scenes.

Try to use sound effects. There is a "secret" way of using them. You simply put each INDIVIDUAL sound in a movie clip. That way the sound comes just where you want it.

Overall it was alright, the sprites had a smooth animation to it.

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This is a pretty cool game. The coding great too!

The portals...

The portals was nicely done. And the idea is great. The levels are hard and easy, and the graphics are so-so. Overall this is a great game.

I don't agree with DarkKingBernard

This is not the worst game ever. In fact I say it's a pretty good game. The graphics were OK but the game it self was kind of fun.

A decent game 7/10.

Miluska responds:

TY! .. I also think it is a decent game. :)

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