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Made a sig...

2008-05-16 23:19:54 by Greth-of-choas

I made a sig... What do you think?

Made a sig... ies.htm four new movies!

New website update!

2008-01-20 15:03:34 by Greth-of-choas ! Any comments?

A new movie at least every week sometimes everyday! This will go on for 15 movies :).

Working on shorts...

2008-01-12 22:25:56 by Greth-of-choas

That is all for now.

Preview for short #1!

Click this.

The Big Red Door Collab!

2007-12-30 19:12:04 by Greth-of-choas

For more info click here. The last page of the topic here.


Updated List!

1 dumassstudios
2 apothicFlash
3 Classwarkid
4 crazynut999
5 Greth-of-choas
6 Da-bomb143 (part 1)
7 Da-bomb143 (part 2)
8 Doasy-Boy
9 Flash-Frog
11 Flash-creature
12 seenSM
13 Trabix
14 Cloud109 (part 1)
15 Cloud109 (part 2)
16 raspberry-pie

You can only be on the list if you submited me your .fla file. Or I know you finished it.

My new website

2007-12-22 20:00:15 by Greth-of-choas

Hey check this out!

There is a secret and I added two movies will add more...


2007-12-09 08:49:13 by Greth-of-choas

Ah yes I made all the updates but the movies...Damn...Oh well looky looky!

So what does everyone think?

Also soon Nano-greth will have its own domain!

Hey! Look at this!

2007-12-08 09:37:26 by Greth-of-choas

So what does everyone think? I am working on it I post the finish product to. It's going to be a flash movie based on magic cards :) (I will post the card too WHEN I AM DONE).

Updated it :).

Hey! Look at this!


2007-12-08 07:04:43 by Greth-of-choas

Hey guys got a new movie!

Review and vote fair. Or just review :). Or just vote fair. But most importantly WATCH!

Movie!!! Watch NOW!!!

2007-12-02 23:06:41 by Greth-of-choas

Welcome is a solo project I am working on, and the bands name is called The Mentionables.

What I have so far for welcome!

Welcome Movie (click)

Please respond to this and make sure you watch the whole thing (it's not that long). It will hopefully be completed by christmas!

The other movie is A boys tale animation by me and written by stealthxtoons.

So what does everyone think?

Please leave a comment and make sure you respond after you watch the WHOLE movie lolz :).